Simple Sauted Mizuna

Mizuna is one of my top picks that we developed on the ranch, and with 40 distinct yields and north of 100 assortments that is saying a ton! Mizuna is an Asian green that can be delighted in crude or daintily cooked.

It’s delightful added to pan-sears or in a plate of mixed greens. You can treat mizuna like you would any cooking green, which is what I did here, daintily cooking it with generally cleaved garlic and prepared with lemon. An extraordinary side to any feast.

I like to eliminate the stem just until it meets the leaves, and afterward generally cleave the greens. You can cook the entire stem on the off chance that you like. The lots of mizuna in the offers this week are enormous!

You’ll need to utilize a bigger pack of mizuna, as it cooks down a ton. Use as much garlic as you like, I went all out with 3 cloves yet you might incline toward less.


1 huge pack mizuna, lower part of stems cut off, and cut into reduced down pieces
1 – 3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon olive oil
juice from a portion of a lemon


Wash mizuna. Utilize a plate of mixed greens spinner or sifter to wash greens, the greens ought to be wet when they go into the skillet, it assists them with cooking down.

Heat olive oil over medium intensity. Add garlic and cook for one moment, then add the mizuna and cook for 2 – 4 minutes mixing as often as possible. Mizuna will cook down a great deal, and ought to in any case be dazzling green. Crush lemon over the greens and add salt to taste.

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