How to Make Smashed Tater Tots

There is just something about smashed tater tots. Serve these extra crisp crushed tater tots with your number one sauces and fixings.

Things to consider

  • At the point when the stakes are this high, stick to the original Ore-Ida potato tot. Ore-Ida potatoes are vegetarian and without gluten.
  • I have found that parchment paper tends to work best here. Tater tots tend to adhere to aluminum foil.
  • Utilize a weighty lined glass to crush the tater tots after around 20 minutes in the broiler. It assists with utilizing a fork or spoon to eliminate the crushed tots from the lower part of the glass.

Food recollections are exceptionally strong. Also, I mean, potato tots are extremely strong. Indeed, they’re simply just potatoes. They’re additionally a whole lot more than that. What might the Midwest be without tater tot casserole? What else could kids eat close by their dino piece nuggets?

Potato tots are inconceivably, superbly round and hollow. Firm outwardly, smooth within. It’s important to note that the potato tots pioneer Ore-Ida accounts for almost half of the United States frozen potato items.

Furthermore, no one’s shouting out restraining infrastructure. Understandably.

The time has come to unashamedly bring potato tots into adulthood. This formula for crushed potato tots couldn’t be simpler to make. You additionally have a universe of choices with regards to garnishes and sauces.

A basic flaky salt circumstance never harmed anybody. However, hot ketchup, dill-y acrid cream, and hot sauce? Next level. A messy child second is additionally energetically suggested.

The most effective method to make smashed tater tots

Get yourself on down to your nearby supermarket. In the event that out of the blue, you’re making these crushed potato tots in mid-summer, similar to me, you can savor the extremely cool cooler area. I utilized Ore-Ida potato tots for this formula, and you ought to as well. There’s nothing similar to the first.

Preheat your stove to 425 degrees. Adhere to the bundle directions and line a sheet container with material paper. Assuming you like, softly splash the material with non-stick shower to guarantee least stickage.

Layer the tots onto your lined sheet skillet. Recollect that when you crush them, they cover more surface region. In this way, don’t stuff the dish.

Mineral Ida’s bundling calls for 28-32 minutes. Everybody realizes this isn’t sufficient opportunity. Along these lines, feel free to heat them for around 20 to 25 minutes. Presently here’s where the enchantment occurs.

Pull the sheet work out of the broiler. Utilizing the lower part of a thick glass or something almost identical, crush the tots! You will need to have a fork or something helpful, to persuade each crushed toddler from the lower part of the glass tenderly.

Toss the crushed potato tots back into the stove for an extra 10 to 15 minutes. Watch out for them, and eliminate them once they’re really brilliant and totally fresh. Allow them to set and cool just a little, in the event that you can be so patient.

Sauces to add to your smashed tots

Sweet & spicy ketchup: Make zesty ketchup by blending ketchup in with a couple of spurts of your #1 hot sauce. Sriracha functions admirably here, however so do a few additional vinegary hot sauces like Cholula, Tapatio, or Frank’s Red Hot.

Herb sour cream: Blend harsh cream in with a sprinkle of water to expand its shower capacity. Cleave up certain spices, similar to dill, parsley, or cilantro, and make a herby sharp cream! Remember to prepare this with salt, and perhaps some lemon juice.
Malt vinegar and ocean salt: salt and vinegar is a lobby of acclaim mix. Shower some malt vinegar over these crushed potato tots, and get done with a sprinkle obviously flaky salt like Maldon.

Buffalo sauce: hot sauce is simply hot sauce in addition to butter. Sounds amazing, right?

Best garnishes for smashed potato tots

How about we quit slacking. Here are a few plans to utilize while you’re thinking about what to finish off these crushed potato tots with:

Newly cleaved spices: cilantro, scallions, or parsley function admirably, contingent upon the flavor profile you’re going for.

Cheddar: the entirety of the cheese. Turning out badly here is extremely difficult. Simply make a point to grind the cheddar newly. (You can utilize pre-destroyed cheddar, assuming it’s that sort of day, you know.)

Parmesan is never an impractical notion. Pecorino romano, sharp cheddar, white cheddar, monterey jack, the rundown goes on – layer it on after you crush the potato tots, then, at that point, pop everything back in the broiler. Cheddar and potatoes. The end.

Bacon: once more, can this always be an off-base choice? Begin bacon in chilly skillet or a cool broiler. This guarantees that the fat will deliver, rather than seize. An extravagant approach to saying, your bacon will be crispier.

Freshly sliced or pickled jalapeños: we’re moving into nacho region, and it feels better. On the off chance that you like a little intensity, this is the best thing you could do to your crushed potato tots.

How to serve smashed tater tots

This is somewhat funny, yet we’re grown-ups now. And that implies we serve things. With different things. Welcome to adulthood. You can’t simply eat potato tots any longer.

Truly, crushed potato tots are without anyone else something brilliant to put on a table. They’re sufficiently nostalgic, however grown-up to the point of strolling the scarcely discernible difference among curiosity and, indeed, supper. Be that as it may, assuming you’re considering what else to serve to your group, look no further.

Make a starter night out of it. Serve these crushed potato tots with your number one chips and plunges. Jalapeño poppers, hot wings, and sliders are generally fair game. (Psst… attempt these bacon wrapped scallions.)

Assuming that you’re like, a genuine individual, however, here are a few choices. A skirt steak makes for a cheerful little basics supper. Your ideal burger, whatever that means to you, can help out in this present circumstance, as well. Veggie burgers are particularly welcome to the party. Lager battered fish, wiener and sauce, or an entire dish head of cauliflower? Huge things are occurring here.

Planning Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 35 mins
Total Time: 40 mins


1 bag of frozen potato tots (Ore-ida brand)


Preheat the broiler to 450°. Organize the frozen potato tots on a sheet container fixed with parchment paper. Try not to stuff the sheet dish – consider that when you crush the tots, they’ll take up more surface region.

Prepare for 20-25 minutes, then eliminate from the broiler.

Utilize a weighty lined glass to crush the tots. Utilize a fork to help you unstick the tots from the lower part of the glass.

Prepare the crushed potato tots for an extra 10-15 minutes, to your optimal degree of crispiness. Present with your #1 toppings: ketchup, hot sauce, malt vinegar, buffalo sauce, ranch, and sour cream are largely extraordinary choices.

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